Address Nagasaka

Rates are between JPY 3000 - JPY 5000 per person and each workshop experience lasts for about 2-3 hours.
All materials will be provided. Just bring yourself and your camera along and have a nice time!
Email us for more information.


Soba Making

Mr. Toshihiro from Matsumura family

Try your hand at Nagano Prefecture's specialities - buckwheat noodles, with local soba master Mr. Matsumura!
You get to eat what you make at the end of the workshop.

Oyaki Making


Oyaki are savoury Japanese dumplings - an excellent snack during winter especially after a long day on the slopes!
Eat what you make at the end of the workshop.

Japanese home-cooking

Learn the basics of Japanese cooking - mirin, soy sauce and sugar!
Consult with the teacher on your country's alternative ingredients.

Basket Weaving


The Akebi vine which grows in the mountains of Shin’etsu Shizenkyo Nature Park is harvested during October and November, and then soaked in the hot waters of Ogama, Nozawa’s hottest hot spring, to soften them before being woven into incredibly strong and long lasting baskets.

Japanese Handicraft

Workshops run from figurine making using recycled materials to pottery to accessory making and glass blowing - plenty of choices!



Practice mindfulness by copying Buddhist sutras at Nagano's most famous temple - Zenkoji

Washi Making


Try out traditional Japanese paper-making!



Run by local yoga instructor, Hiromi-san.