Address Nagasaka

Cultural Experiences

In or close to the village you can try basket weaving, ceramic pottery, glass-, jewellery- and paper-making.

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Gourmet Tour

The village is at the heart of a rich agricultural region and hence the local produce is every chef’s dream.

There are world-class restaurants – from fine dining, to classic Japanese, to local-local - wineries, sake and beer breweries.  Ask us to put together a gourmet tour for you.

Outdoor Tour

Love the outdoors? Try Hiking in Nozawa!

We’ll show you our favourite waterfalls and the top hidden spot to take the best photos of gorgeous foliage in different colours in the autumn.  You could try out a 650m zipline, mountain bike down crazy trails, or even go mushroom picking, which you could enjoy in a lovely hotpot at the end of the day.

Nozawa Onsen also is a good base from which to explore the 80km Shinetsu Trail, one of Japan’s longer hiking trails.

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Snow Monkey Tour

Heard about the famous monkeys bathing in outdoor onsens?

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