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What are reception hours?

0900 - 1800, at Address Nozawa

What time can I check-in?

Check-in time is 3pm.

What time is check-out?

Check-out time is 10am.

Can I check-in early?

If your room is ready then you can check in early.  Please understand that this depends on whether we have had time to prepare your room after the previous guest.

Can I check-out late?

Please ask at your front desk the day before.   Please understand that this depends on room availability and there will be an additional charge of JPY 1,000 per person per hour.

I will arrive past midnight/past reception hours. How can we check in?

Please let us know as soon as you can. We will send you your apartment unit number a week before your arrival, so you go straight to the apartment, have a good night's sleep, and deal with the check-in formalities in the morning or evening after skiing, at Address Nozawa. Reception is open from 0900-1800. Please bring along your passports. Also, if you're arriving via Nagano Snow Shuttle, do let the driver know to drop you at Nagasaka Parking. Address Nagasaka is just 200m straight ahead (enter by The Craft Room).

Can I leave my luggage at the reception?

Yes, we will look after your luggage for you at Address Nozawa after you have checked out, for that day.

Can I use the facilities even after check-out?

Yes, you can use the facilities at Address Nozawa after you have checked out, for that day.

Can I send my luggage/ski bag to you in advance?

Yes, and we would encourage you to do so. Please send it to Address Nozawa as there's no reception table at Address Nagasaka. Your luggage should arrive at the hotel in 24 hours.  If you are sending your luggage more than three days before your arrival, please let us know.
Your accommodation’s address in Japanese can be found here - show this to the staff at the courier desk in the airport and they’ll handle the paperwork for you.

Recommended company: Kuroneko Yamato (logo is a black cat with a yellow background)

Can you send my luggage/ski bag to the airport/a hotel in Japan?

Yes, you can send your luggage in advance. Please let the front desk know when you check-in that you would like to send your luggage and they will advise further.
To the airport, you would need to send your luggage at least 48 hours before your flight. To other places in Japan, it will take 24 hours.

How much does the luggage courier cost?

It depends on your luggage size and weight. It is usually between JPY 2500 - JPY 4000 per luggage.


Are there pick-up/drop-off services?


How do I get to Nozawa Onsen?

From Iiyama shinkansen station, either take the Nozawa Liner bus to the last stop (Chuo Bus terminal) or a taxi to the hotel.  Either will take about 20 - 25 minutes.

How do I get to Iiyama Station?

Iiyama station is on the Hokuriku shinkansen line.  It starts at Tokyo station but you can also get on at Ueno station in metropolitan Tokyo. From the other direction, it comes from Kanazawa.

How do I get to Address Nagasaka from Chuo Bus terminal?

Instructions can be found here.

Where can I find the train schedule?

The train schedule is available at the front desk of Address Nozawa. Alternatively, you could try this website.

Where can I find the Nozawa Liner bus schedule?

The Nozawa Liner bus schedule is available at the front desk of Address Nozawa. Alternatively, you could go to this website.

How do I book airport bus transfer?

Use this link.

How do I book airport taxi transfer?

Email us at least a week in advance with the following information:
Your Name:
Booking ID of your reservation:
No. of adults:
No. of children (aged 12 and below):
Flight Arrival/Departure date:
Flight Arrival/Departure time:
No. of ski bags:

How do I book Shinkansen (bullet train) ticket in advance?

You can book a reserved seat up to one month before the departure date, at any JR main station or here.
Note that all shinkansen that stop at Iiyama also have unreserved seats that you do not need to book.  Ticket vending machines have an English menu and sell both reserved and unreserved seats; they take JPY cash, and local credit cards; if you want to use a foreign credit card, you should go to the counter.

How do I book the bus from Iiyama station to Nozawa Onsen & vice-versa?

You do not need to book it unless you are arriving in a group of 20 or more.  At peak periods, if one departure is full, the bus operator will automatically provide another bus to match demand.

How do I book a taxi from Iiyama station to Nozawa Onsen & vice-versa?

From Iiyama Station to Nozawa Onsen, if you have a reserved seat, email us at least three days in advance with the train number and time of arrival at Iiyama Station, and we will book it for you.  If not, there are often taxis waiting at the station's taxi stand.
From Nozawa Onsen to the station, ask at the front desk at Address Nozawa at least two days in advance, especially if it is over the weekend.

Should I get the JR Pass instead?

The JR pass is very good value if you are travelling on multiple long-distance trains.  There are several options.  Please click here to see if it would make sense for you.  You must apply for this before you arrive in Japan, and collect your pass at the first station you want to use it.

Can you organise private transport for our group?

Yes, we can.  We need at least two weeks’ notice. Please email us with the necessary details (e.g. pick-up location, travel date, arrival time, no. of people, no. of baggage & etc).

Is there parking available?

Yes, we have limited parking. Please reserve this at the same time as you reserve your accommodation.  There is a charge of JPY2,000 per car per night. If there are no parking lots left available, we will guide you to the nearest public parking.

Do we need a car to get around Nozawa Onsen?

No.  It is a small village and everything is within walking distance.


What sort of restaurants are there in Nozawa Onsen?

There is a wide range of restaurants in the village.  Most offer different sorts of Japanese cuisine but you will find a good selection of western food too.

Are you able to make reservations for us?

Yes, and we recommend that you do so for dinner reservations.  Many of the better restaurants are small and will be crowded at peak periods; please ask your front desk staff a week in advance to book for you.

If you wish to book even earlier, please email us from November onwards. Just let us know when you are staying with us, your food allergies and food preferences and we will come up with a dining plan for you!

Are there vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants?


Are there halal/kosher friendly restaurants?

No, unfortunately not.

I’m allergic to gluten/nut. Are there any options for me?

Yes, but please advise us at the time you reserve your accommodation.

Is there a supermarket in the village?

Yes, there is a simple supermarket in the village.  There are much bigger supermarkets in Iiyama where the Shinkansen station is.

Onsen – Hot Spring

I have a tattoo. Can I enter the onsen?

Yes.  The villagers can tell the difference between a decorative tattoo and a gangland tattoo!  (if yours is however a gangster tattoo, then please only use the onsen inside your accommodation - guests of Address Nagasaka may use the in-house onsen of Address Nozawa at no charge).

I have never been to a public onsen before. How does it work?

Please see our guide to using an onsen in the information booklet in your apartment.

Is there an outdoor onsen?

There is an outdoor onsen at Furusato no Yu. Entry is JPY 500 per person.

Is there a private onsen?

Some hotels like Residence Yasushi have private-use onsen, usually exclusive to hotel guests only.

Is there mixed gender onsen?

Yes, at Sparena - swimwear is required.

Is there a foot onsen?

There are several foot onsen dotted around the village.  Please ask the front desk at Address Nozawa for directions.

Do I have to pay for the onsen?

Furusato no Yu, and Sparena, charge for entrance.  All other onsen are free, although you may make a donation to their upkeep in the donation box at the entrance if you like.

Can I wear swimwear in the onsen?

No, you bathe naked. Only at Sparena, swimwear is required.

Can I bring my towel to cover up in the onsen?

You can bring a small onsen towel with you to the onsen.  You must not bring it with you into the bathwater though.


Snow Monkey
Should I book the snow monkey tour in advance?

You should book at least one day in advance. Please check with the front desk.

How long is the tour?

It’s a half day tour from 1pm to 5pm.

When is the tour available?


What should I bring?

It’s an outdoor tour, with a couple of kilometres of rough trail hiking, so please consider your clothing and footwear.

Yoga Lessons
Should I book yoga lessons in advance?

Yes. Please book at least a day in advance. Ask your front desk.

How long are the lessons?

1 hour

When are the lessons available?

The schedule should be available at the front desk.

Do I need my own yoga mat?

No. Sanitised yoga mats and other equipment will be provided.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing.

What should I bring?

Just yourself.

I’m not flexible. Is that okay?

Our yoga instructor will be happy to help with your flexibility.

I have a back problem. Will yoga worsen my back?

Please advise the yoga instructor during class. She will select poses that do not hurt your back and soothe out the back aches.

It’s my friend’s birthday. Can I order a cake?

Yes. Please order at least a week in advance. Ask your front desk staff or use this link.

Are there gluten-free/vegetarian/vegan cakes?


What type of cakes are there?

Letter cake
Photo cake
Strawberry cake
Chocolate strawberry cake
Fruit tart
Gluten-free/Egg-free/Dairy-free cake (unavailable over certain weekends)

Rates begin from JPY 2,500 + delivery fee JPY 1,200.

Will it come with a knife and candles?


Can I select English words to decorate the cake?


It’s my anniversary. Can I order some flowers for my wife?

Yes. Rates begin from JPY 3,000 + delivery fee JPY 1,200.

How long in advance should I order the flowers?

Please order at least five days in advance. If you’ve only remembered your wife’s birthday on the day, ordering flowers is the least of your worries.

What type of flowers are there?

Omakase – ‘Red’, ‘Pink’ or ‘Yellow’

DIY Activities/Lessons/Workshops
At least three days’ notice for cancellation
The local artists spend time and effort preparing for the lessons in advance.

Should I book in advance or decide when I arrive?

You should book at least a day in advance. Note that most lessons need at least two guests.

When are the lessons available?

Check with the front desk for the schedules.

How long are the lessons?

Depends on the difficulty level. Soba making is about an hour, while Japanese handicraft can go up to three hours.

What should I bring?

Nothing. The host will provide everything.

Ski Related

How far is the hotel to the slopes?

Address Nagasaka is located next to Nagasaka gondola, less than a minute's walk.

What kind of runs are there in the mountain?

27% are expert, 22% are intermediate, 51% are beginner runs. There are two designated cross-country courses, and many possible snowshoe routes.

Will I get to experience the mountain even as a beginner?

Absolutely! Not only can you ski on the easy home runs, but several of the easiest runs are towards the top of the mountain, so you can ride the gondola and enjoy the same wonderful views as expert skiers.

How do I book the inter-resort shuttle?

No need to book. You can simply head to Chuo Bus terminal and wait for the inter-resort shuttle. Prices start from JPY 6,200 per person. Check with the front desk for the bus schedules.

How do I book ski/snowboard lessons?

Use this link.

I’m a proficient skier so I don’t need lessons. Should I get a mountain guide?

If you’re skiing on-piste then there’s no need, although a mountain guide might help you understand the available trails more quickly. If you’d like to ski off-piste then common sense dictates that you take a guide. Good guides are scarce so please book as early as possible, ideally at the same time as you book your accommodation.

Where is the ski school?

Hikage ski area

How do I get to the ski school from Address Nagasaka?

Exit Address Nagasaka via The Craft Room entrance. Right across is where the public snowmobile shuttle will pick up and drop off passengers. It goes between Hikage and Nagasaka every 10-15 minutes for free.

Are there any English-speaking instructors?


Are there any Mandarin-speaking instructors?

We can usually find a Mandarin-speaking instructor but please book as early as possible.

Should I book lessons in advance or do I book when I arrive?

You can book ski lessons at the same time as your accommodation. Alternatively your front desk staff can book, with three days’ notice.

There are a mix of adult and children in our group. Can we have lessons together?

You can book a private lesson together. Note that private lessons work better if everyone is roughly the same level.

There are a mix of skiers and snowboarders in our group. Can we have lessons together?

We can request this as a private lesson, but we do not recommend it as the techniques are very different and few instructors can teach both.

There are a mix of skill levels in our group. Can we have lessons together?

You can book a private lesson together. However lessons work better if everyone is roughly the same level and so you might want to consider separate lessons for part of your day, and then ski/board together after your lessons.

I have never skied before. Should I book private lessons or group lesson? Full day or half day?

It’s up to you, and how you like to learn. A lot of your competence will come from practicing what your instructor has taught you so you may not need to be with an instructor the whole time.

I have never done snow sports before. Should I start with skiing or snowboarding?

It’s up to you. Some people say that surfers/skateboarders find snowboarding easier, while skaters and rollerbladers find skiing easier. Snowboarding is quite physical while skiing can be less physically challenging. And the fashion style is different!

What is snowshoeing?

You strap small platforms to the bottom of your regular walking boots, that allows you to walk on snow without sinking in. You can then enjoy hiking on snow.

Can children and elderly snowshoe?

Anyone who can hike, can snowshoe.

Should I book snowshoeing in advance or do I book when I arrive?

Either; if you book after you’ve arrived, please give us a day’s notice.

How do I purchase lift passes?

You can order your lift passes from November onwards via email. You may make payment at the front desk in cash only. An e-voucher will be given to you. Please exchange it for lift passes at the gondola ticket office.

Alternatively you can buy lift passes at the resort (with cash or a credit card).
Note that the resort only sell up to 3-day lift passes.

Do you sell more than 3-day lift passes?

We sell up to 8-day lift passes.
However, the resort currently can only issue a maximum of three days on one pass. If you’ve ordered a longer pass you’ll need to exchange the voucher every three days at a lift ticket counter.

I bought an 8-day lift pass. Can I take a break on the 4th day or are my passes on consecutive days?

Yes. The lift pass will expire 10 days after start date.

What are the payment policies for lift passes?

Cash payment at the front desk when you arrive.
There will be an additional 4.5% surcharge for credit card transactions.

What are the cancellation policies for lift passes?

Once you’ve exchanged for lift passes or used the lift passes, there’s no refund.
You have up till the start date of your pass to cancel.

Where can I rent ski gear?

There are many ski rental shops in the village. We recommend using those close to the home slopes as they generally have storage facilities (so you don’t have to carry your equipment to and from your accommodation).

What are their opening hours?

Generally from 8am to 5pm.

Should I rent in advance or do I get them when I arrive?

There’s no need to book in advance. If you want high-specification pro gear you can reserve this at most rental shops a day before. If you wish to rent in advance, please go to this page.

How much is ski/snowboard hire?

It depends on what grade you’re looking to hire – Standard, Latest Model, Premium.
Rates usually begin from JPY 3,500 per person per day.

Should I bring my own gear or hire?

Up to you. There are good courier services (usually delivering within 24 hours) from the airport to the village so you don’t need to carry your skis on the train. However, rental equipment is of good quality.

I have really huge feet. Are there boots available?

Generally, yes. If you’re really concerned, please email us and we’ll check for you.

Is there any ski storage space up at the lifts or do we bring it back to the hotel?

Most rental shops on the home slopes offer overnight storage for your equipment. If you have your own equipment, or have rented in the village, you’ll need to bring it back to your accommodation. There are limited storage lockers up at Hikage gondola.

Can I change my gear during the rental period?


Can I buy gear at the rental shop?


Are there waxing or tuning services?



Do you speak English?

Yes, we will have at least one bilingual staff in every property to assist in explanations and simple translations.

Do you speak Japanese?

Yes, we will have at least one bilingual staff in every property to assist in reservations and simple translations.

Where is Nozawa Onsen?

Nozawa Onsen is 258km north of Tokyo, roughly 3.5 hours’ drive, or a little over 2 hours by public transport.

What are your payment policies?

30% deposit required within 14 days issue of invoice to confirm booking.
70% balance required 30 days before arrival.

What are your cancellation policies?

If cancelled more than 30 days before arrival, 30% deposit will be refunded.
If cancelled between 15 to 30 days before arrival, 30% payment (a.k.a deposit) is required. The 30% deposit will not be refunded and there's no need to pay 70% balance.
If cancelled 14 days before arrival, 100% payment is required and there will be no refund. 

There will be no refund for last minute drop-outs, early departures or, no-shows.

Do you serve any meals?

No. The Craft Room, right below the apartments, serve sandwiches, coffee and beer.

Is there free Wifi in the property?

All our properties have free Wifi.

Is there free Wifi in the village?

Yes, and in the gondola stations, although coverage isn’t universal.

Are there non-smoking/smoking rooms?

All our properties are non-smoking.

Are there emergency services?

Yes, the emergency number can be found in the information booklet in your accommodation. The nearest hospital is in Iiyama city, a 20-minute drive.

Are there laundry facilities in Nozawa Onsen?

You may use free guest laundry facilities in Address Nagasaka. Detergent is provided free-of-charge as well.

How about dry-cleaning services in Nozawa Onsen?

There aren’t any.

Can I hire a baby cot?

Yes, only for 2-bedroom apartments at JPY 2,500 per night.

Are there any childcare services?

Yes.  There is a day-creche run by the ski resort, at Hikage base station. Please book at least three days in advance. If you require assistance in booking, please email us at least a week before your arrival with the necessary information (e.g. child's name, age, allergies, things to take note of, potty trained, dates and etc.)

Can we hire a baby sitter?

Yes.  Please email us at least a week before your arrival.

Are the shops open on Christmas and New Year's?


I don't ski/the snow condition is bad. Is there anything else to do in the village?

Try an onsen.  Visit the ski museum.  Have another onsen.  Go hiking. Take an onsen.  Visit the snow monkeys.  Bathe. Take a soba-making class.  Go to the onsen.  Sit in one of the many cafes and read a book.  Go back to the onsen.

Your front desk staff will have plenty of suggestions for you!

What's there to do outside of Nozawa Onsen?

Please email us, or ask your front desk for information. There are several exceptional restaurants within easy driving of the village. There are wineries and sake breweries within easy driving distance. Obuse is a historic market town a short drive away, with a museum of Hokusai prints, good restaurants and souvenir shops, and a sake brewery.